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Read The Horrible Story Of The Short Life Of Bridget Baker

Read The Sometimes Humorous Yet Sad Story Of The "Bunya Blackfellow" The "Bunya Terror"

The Gatton and Oxley Murders 1898

The True Story One Of Queensland's Most Infamous Unsolved Crimes

In The Meantime Read All About

The 1898 Crime That Shocked A Nation

For Those Not Familiar With The Tragedy Or Searching For The Truth

Includes The Oxley Tragedy.

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Gatton Tragedy Full Story

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Gatton Murders Wounds

The Wounds

The Players


Gatton's Missing Doctor



Illegal Abortion Catholic v Protestant Some Outcomes
A Judge Has His Say Jessie Amelia Nicholls Margaret Buckley


Rigor Mortis Terminal Erection

Telegrams And Other Things

Spencer Browne They Knew

Telegram Times


Gatton Of Old Lockyer Electorate Gatton Police Station Vindication Of Gatton


Robert Philp Andrew Dawson AH Barlow James Robert Dickson Colonel Deacon

1899 Police Commission

Judge A.B. Noel Thomas Garvin Mr. J. Sadlier T. O. Unmack Mr. J. W. Blair Justice Dickson

Royal Police Commission Evidence 1899

Royal Police Commission Recommendations 1899

The Bodies

Finding The Bodies Times Body Positions Bodies Condition The Knots Purse
Sun/Moon Gatton The Weapons The Rug The Wounds
Disappearing Blood Stains

Estimated Time of Death

The Post Mortem

Post-Mortem Anomalies Medical Testimony Exhumation Alfred Robinson

The Papers

Journo's Theory All Summing Up Letters To The Editor
Papers Sum Up Papers Conclusion Apathy or Fear
Papers Guess

Extraordinary Rumour

An Expret Bushman's Theory

The M'Neill's

M'Neill Lying McNeill Confused Evidence Of M'Neill Polly (Mary) M'Neill M'Neill Mentioned
M'Neill Admission

The Murphy's

Victims History Daniel Senior Mary Daniel Jnr John
Patrick Jeremiah William Kate Family Request
Dan Sen. History More Confliction Murphy House Mary History

The Police Work

Gatton Murders Qld Police Badge Parry-Okeden Stuart Urquhart Galbraith Toomey
White Durham King William Arrell Meston & Trackers

Thomas Seymour Story Police Ranking Arrell Notes Stolen Trackers Find

Crimes Not Linked Christie Arrell Vindication Urquhart Links

The Police Hatred

Gatton Murders Qld Police Badge Galbraith V Urquhart Police Hatred And Distrust

The Police Involved Personal History

Gatton Murders Qld Police Badge W. E. Parry-Okeden F.C. Urquhart Qld Police Uniform History William Arrell
The Kalkadoons


Victims To Town M'Neill Times Do Not Compute Attempted Timeline
The Mysterious Person Seen At Moran's Sliprails Farcical Post Mortem Seargent Arrell Times Estimated
The Time Of The Event

Other Witnesses

Order Evidence Taken Andrew S Smith Robert Ballantyne George Callaghan Florence Lowe
Charles Gilbert James Portley John and William Wiggins TJ Ryan Joseph Murphy
The Morticians Thomas Drew Thomas Wilson The Carrols Cook And Woodgate
Arthur Brooking James Skinner Screams and Shots William Devitt Frank Moran

The Suspects

Richard Burgess TJ Ryan William M'Neill Thomas Day Person At The Slip-Rails


Mysterious Bob Smith Gatton/Oxley Links


Crimes Not Related Shearer's Strikes
Gatton Tragedy Poem Father Walsh Victims Speed Gatton Tragedy Song Interesting Facts
Calendar 1898 The Whip The Facsimile Bloodied Imprint Calendar 1899

Thomas Day

Thomas Day Story

Thomas Day History

King On Day Christie Theory On Day Clarke On Day
Burnett On Day Toomey On Day Urquhart On Day Royal Police Commission Evidence 1899

Gatton Murders Full Moon

The Gatton Murder Scene

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