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Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


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The Bloodied Stick

At the scene of the murder in the afternoon a man named Andrew Smith handed him a piece of the dead limb of a tree, about 4ft. long and 4in. through. One end was smaller than the other; at the larger end it was knotty, and at that place there were stains of blood.

The police have possession of a heavy stick a piece of the dead limb of a tree handed to them by Andrew Smith, a storekeeper at Gatton, who found it near Michael's head and at that place there were stains of blood.

It is about 3ft. or 4ft. long, and 4in. in diameter.

One end is smaller than the other at the larger end it was knotty.

It is a heavy piece of dry hardwood and notched, it carries on it clotted blood and hair. The hair being light-coloured similar to that of the Helen.

Sergeant Wm. Arrell fitted it into an indentation discovered in the ground near Norah's head, which it fitted exactly.

He concluded it had previously been lying in that hole, and on account of blood and some hair upon it, that it was the weapon with which the wounds were inflicted.

He said it was a solid, stick of hardwood, but he could lift it with both hands and strike a blow with it.

This might have been the instrument used to smash their heads.

28/12/1898. A further search was made in the vicinity where the bodies were found, and  a discharged .380-bore cartridge was discovered.

James Skinner, a carter, of Gatton, deposed to cutting up the carcass of the horse on 27th December, and removing it to Clark's butcher's shop to be boiled down.

The next day, he said, he found on the scene of the tragedy an empty cartridge case, covered with blood, near where the horse had been lying.

A .380 Bore Pistol, Rifle And Bullet.