Gatton Murders - Person Seen At Moran's Sliprails.

Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


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The Description Of And Times The Mysterious Person Seen At Moran's Sliprails.

Seen By


Arthur Brooking


Mrs. Margaret Carroll and her 14 year old son John


Thomas Drew and Michael Donoghue


Florence Lowe


All the witnesses agreed that the person was a stranger to the district.

The person was described as being between 5ft.7in. and 5ft 9in. in height, and medium to thick-set.

Some said he had a large moustache, and a very remarkable face. Wore dark blue clothes. Wore a coat or shirt and a dark, grey, soft felt slouch hat drawn over the face and had the brim pulled down all round.

Another witness said the person wore a coat, rather long, and came down in front.

Another said the man they met wore dark clothes, and a hat drawn over his face.

The person's voice was low, and with a peculiar treble quality (A high, shrill voice. Is it possible it was a woman's voice?) different from any the she had heard before.

The person had a small parcel in the hand; it didn't shine, he couldn't see what it was. (Strange to say the person and not he and in the hand not his hand.)

One witness saw the person make a kind of stagger.

Moreover, it should be noted that, though it was a moonlight night, this person was not recognised by any of the local residents who passed him/her.