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Gatton Murders

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The Knots

By all accounts including his own he did not notice much at the scene and did not stay very long at all. Yet he gives this detailed account of the tying of the hands. Notice the subtle difference between a Granny and a Reef Knot.

The normal use for a Granny Knot is for tying shoes or documents. Just the sort of knot a young lady would use not an experienced farmer or butcherís boy. It is considered an inferior knot as it has it tendency to undo.

Even though he only stayed a few minutes at the scene on 2 occasions he has noticed the way in which they were tied. Perhaps he untied Michael to get at the purse.

(By Author)


During an interview with M'Neill he showed a reporter how the hands of Norah Murphy had been tied.

It was no novice who tied them. First the handkerchief was placed round one hand and crossed, but not knotted; the other hand was laid over it, crossing at the wrists and back to back; and then the handkerchief ends were brought over and tied.

This knot M'Neill believes was a "granny," and not a "reef" knot, but he is not sure.

It seems almost incredible that a person so ingenious in lashing the hands together so they could not be slipped would finish up with a "granny" unless, indeed, the weak knot was tied so as to avoid suspicion.

The position of Michael Murphy's hands were also described by Mr. M'Neill.

There has been some doubt as to whether Michael's hands had been tied.

M'Neill says that it was clear that they had been tied.

They were crossed on his back, and the breeching-strap from the harness was left lying on them, just as though it had been taken off and then thrown down again.

In Michael's hand was his emptied purse.

Granny Knot As Used On Ellen And Nora's Hands

Half Hitch Knot As On Hames Strap Around Norah's Neck