Gatton Murders - Kate Murphy Evidence

Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


The Gatton Tragedy Exposed At Last. An Examination Of The Secrets And Lies.

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Kate Murphy Evidence


13 years of age, a daughter of the last witness, deposed that before the party went to Mount Sylvia races she heard Pat tell Norah to be ready to go to a dance at Gatton in the evening.

She stated that Norah did not wish to go to the dance, as one of the children would cry after her.

M'Neill told her to go, and that he would look after the little girl.

Towards 9 o'clock she saw M'Neill go to his room, and heard him moving about afterwards.

About twelve months before the murder, by request of Norah, she cut out of a paper a memorial notice of the girls Cook.

This remained on the dresser for about two months, and witness then put it into a box in her room, and never removed it afterwards.

About six months ago she missed it.

Witness described the memorial notice, and identified that shown her as similar to the one she cut from the paper.

This piece of paper was found at the scene of the murder.

She didnít hear of any quarrel between the girls and M'Neill.

The latter was well liked by the whole family.

She did not see M'Neill's face when he came back on the morning of 27th December to announce the discovery of the murders.

There were four dogs at the house, and they were in the habit of barking at the boys when they came home late until they spoke to them.

She did not hear them make a noise on Boxing Night.

She could not say if M'Neill was in the house the whole of that night.

She was not aware if any of the horses had shoes on; there was nothing at the farm to shoe them with.

They did not get any letters about the dance.

She never saw any letter that they had received other than those from their uncles.