Gatton Murders - Murphy Family Request

Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


The Gatton Tragedy Exposed At Last. An Examination Of The Secrets And Lies.

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Murphy Family Request


Acting Sergeant Toomey, of the C.I. Branch, was called.

The Chairman: You gave evidence before that you were in the confidence of one of the Murphy’s, who expressed to you a belief in the guilt of M'Neill.

The Murphy family have communicated with us, and desire you to give the name.- The man was working at the College, and I think his name was Pat.

Sergeant Arrell was with me, and we met him on the street at the time.

Inspector Urquhart: One of the Murphy’s searched M'Neill's clothing.

Acting Sergeant Toomey: Arrell and I were present on the street, and this man came in from the College. I had a conversation with him.

I told Arrell about being in his confidence.

I told Sergeant Arrell about him telling me of searching M'Neill's clothing.

Arrell may not have heard him; but Arrell knew about it.

Mr. Sadleir: How long did this suspicion of the Murphy’s last? -He told me he was quite convinced after speaking to the family at home that M'Neill had nothing to do with the murder.

Mr. Garvin: What reason did he give? He gave none, except that one M'Neill and his mother had a difference.

The Chairman: About the sister-his wife? -Yes.

You did not think it necessary to go any further in the matter? -No. I asked him if any of the clothing was missing, and he said no.

Mr Garvin: You said you asked him why he suspected M'Neill, and he said he had a row with the mother? -He said he had a difference with the mother.

Did you ask him why, if that was so, he should murder the sisters and brother? Yes. He could give me no explanation as to why.