Gatton Murders - Murders Not Linked

Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


The Gatton Tragedy Exposed At Last. An Examination Of The Secrets And Lies.

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Murders Not Linked

Why I Feel The Crimes Were Not Related.

1.     In each case a .380 bore revolver bullet was employed true but one must have had a lesser charge in the cartridge.

2.     As was stated both crimes did not happen on a holiday.

3.     Alfred Stephen Hill was shot at the base of the skull the bullet coming out above the left eye.

4.     Michael Murphy was shot behind the ear with the gun facing downwards.

5.     Alfred Stephen Hill’s hands were not tied.

6.     The two female victims at Gatton had their hands bound.

7.     It is drawing a long bow to say the legs of all the victims were facing westward, as in Alfred Stephen Hill’s case, his legs were drawn widely apart.

8.     Alfred Stephen Hill’s body was carefully concealed and was difficult to find. His body was not found for almost a month.

9.     The bodies of the Murphy’s were found within an hour of someone (M’Neill) looking for them.

10. Alfred Stephen Hill’s whip was not taken.

11. The Murphy’s whip was taken.

12. Alfred Hill was taken in daylight.

13. The Murphy’s left the road at night.

14. It is possible Hill was molested.

15. Michael Murphy was not interfered with in any way.

16. The two female victims at Gatton had their hands bound.

17. Both horses were shot through the forehead. With I presume the bullet remaining in the skull in both cases.

18. The bullet that killed Alfred Stephen Hill penetrated right through his skull and exited through the bone above the right eye whereas the bullet that was fired into Michael Murphy remained in the brain.

19. The cartridge that was discharged into Michael Murphy must have had a much less powerful charge as it was found in the brain matter and did not have the power to exit the skull.

20. This lesser charged cartridge is what you would be expect someone to use when killing animals for the purpose of harvesting their meat as you would not want the bullet to exit at all for obvious safety reasons and to keep the mess to a minimum.