Gatton Murders - McNeill Confused

Gatton Murders

!!! Finally After Years Of Research, Albeit Still Only A Theory.

I Am 99% Certain Who DUNNIT !!!


The Gatton Tragedy Exposed At Last. An Examination Of The Secrets And Lies.

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McNeill Confused

On getting to the spot with Sergeant Arrell he looked closely at the bodies, and recognised them without difficulty.

He first went to Norah, then to Ellen, and then to Michael.

He did not remain there with the bodies, but went on to Murphy’s farm, arriving there about 11 o’clock.

Yet the others of the family Said:-

Dan Murphy Senior. About 10 o'clock his son Will informed him that the three children had been murdered. He asked if they were shot, and he said he did not know. Will son further said M'Neill came out and told him.

Mary Murphy Senior Said M'Neill left about 8 o'clock, and returned a little after 10 o'clock.

Jeremiah Murphy After 9 o'clock, when they were chaff cutting, M'Neill rode up, looking bad.Mrs. Polly M'Neill Her husband returned about 10 o'clock.

(They all say he arrived back about 10 o'clock yet he says 11 why?)

When he first went up he had a doubt about its being Norah’s body, but he made sure when he went back with Mrs. Murphy.

He did not make sure when he went out with Sergeant Arrell.

Inspector Urquhart: When you say that you first went up and saw Norah you mean you saw a body, which you have since found out, was that of Norah?

Witness: Yes, I thought at first it was Ellen.